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My beekeeping started with a bottle of honey bought from a beekeeper on the side of the road. The honey was raw and delicious. Two weeks later I attended a “short course” i.e. a beginner basics class on beekeeping. Three weeks later I had my first bees. Twelve years, hundreds of stings, and thousands of pounds of honey later I am still a beekeeper but also a “honey hound”. I love honey-all honeys actually. And all honeys are not created equal; at least not according to my taste buds. Every honey is in fact a varietal. So each honey is different and can be vary in taste and color every year. Every honey is the “floral essence” of its surroundings or environment. So, sampling honey is like sampling craft beers, vintage wines, or select cheeses.

Over the years I met beekeepers from other parts of the country and collected their honeys. Instead of a wine cellar, I had a honey cabinet. Sometimes I was asked to speak to groups about beekeeping. At the end of a presentation I would bring out an assortment of these honeys for the group to taste. The expressions on their faces were always the same: astonishment followed by comments of astonishment! People could not believe that 3-4 honeys of essentially the same color could taste so differently. The darker honeys produced even more astonishment. “They taste really good too”! Honey hounds to be I thought.

With that in mind, I decided to offer varietals and make your honey purchase and consumption an adventure. Instead of sugar in your tea, try this varietal. Instead of sugar for baking cookies or cakes, try that varietal. Instead of the “golden sugar water” labeled as honey you get on the grocery shelf, try this or that favorite varietal honey on your toast, biscuit, ice cream, peanut butter sandwich, pancakes, waffles, tea, coffee, etc!!

So I offer you pure, raw, cold-filtered honeys with their “floral essence” still alive inside. Add another small but great adventure of taste to your palate and your day…compliments of the honey bee.


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